Seattle Roofing Contractors

A roof is an essential part of a home, providing protection and insulation. It also keeps debris, water and sun off the structure of the house. In addition, a well-designed roofing seattle can add to a house’s aesthetic. If your roof is damaged, a local roofing contractor can repair or replace it. The right company can also repair gutters and downspouts. In addition, they can do a variety of other exterior improvements to your home, such as painting and installing new windows.

What is longest lasting roof?

The Pacific Northwest’s climate can do a number on a rooftop. Its rain, wind and hail can damage shingles, while the sun’s UV rays cause them to degrade over time. The resulting cracks and crevices can leak or allow insects into the home. A Seattle roofing contractor can repair these problems and keep the home safe from intruders.

In the region, there are more than 140 roofing companies, including those that provide commercial and residential services. Some of these companies specialize in specific materials, while others work on a wide range of different types of roofs. For example, a roofing company in Seattle can repair or replace asphalt shingle, metal and tile roofs.

Licensed, background-checked and insured employees at Jimmy’s Roofing are experienced in residential and commercial roofing. They can replace or repair a leaky roof and can install a new roof made of durable materials. The company uses branded products and offers regular inspections to detect problems before they become major issues. Its roofers can also install skylights and guttering systems.

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