Car Park Deck Coating

Car Park Deck Coating

Waterproofing is a crucial part of protecting car park levels and preventing the ingress of water through concrete structures. This can lead to corrosion of steel rebar within the structure and ultimately compromise safety and the structural integrity of the floor. This specialist system is designed specifically for car park floors, offering a rapid and robust layer that stops water in its tracks.

Similarly, a waterproofed Car Park Deck Coating prevents the build-up of harsh chemicals from parked vehicles such as de-icing salts, oils and exhaust fumes. This protects the structure from deterioration over time, reducing maintenance costs and safeguarding the environment.

Driving Longevity: Exploring the Benefits of Car Park Deck Coating Solutions

In addition to the waterproofing, a durable floor coating for a car park will also offer slip resistance and strength. The textured finish that is created with aggregates such as aluminium oxide or bauxite can be much tougher than standard sand, providing a surface that offers good grip and reduces tyre squeal. This is particularly important for ramps and tight turning areas.

The range of car park deck coating systems offers options that are ideal for refurbishment or new construction projects. This includes flexible membranes that provide dynamic crack bridging properties for intermediate or ground-bearing slabs, car park top deck and exposed surfaces as well as a tough and fast-cure system that can be applied in colder temperatures. These versatile and durable systems are not limited to car parks and can be used for a variety of other flooring projects including walkways, factory floors, yards and sports courts.

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