Wedding Pie – An Indica-Dominant Strain That Offers a Harmonious Blend of Mental Uplift With Physical Ease

wedding pie strain

Wedding pie strain is an indica-dominant strain that offers a high that intertwines mental uplift with physical ease. The progeny of a harmonious blend of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie, this distinctive cultivar exudes complex aromatics that create an olfactory symphony for the senses.

The sticky olive-green nuggets of this strain usually exhibit vibrant shades of green and sometimes hints of purple, adding to their aesthetic allure. They are often covered with trichomes, the resinous glands that produce cannabinoids and terpenes. This hefty covering of trichomes helps to lend the buds their sticky texture and potency. Interspersed throughout the buds are sparse orange pistils, which add to this strain’s visual appeal.

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Like its parents, this strain carries a unique blend of fruity flavors that are reminiscent of cherry and citrus (thanks to its Grape Pie heritage). This combination makes for an olfactory symphony that is sure to delight the nose.

Upon toking, users of this strain report feeling an initial tingle in the face and neck that gradually builds into a full-body relaxation. The soothing body high is accompanied by a subtle numbing sensation that may help alleviate aches and pains. A light sense of euphoria can also manifest, thanks to this strain’s Girl Scout Cookies parentage.

The balancing indica and sativa properties of this strain make it ideal for those seeking stress relief or a calming night’s sleep. However, its higher THC content may evoke anxiety and paranoia in some consumers. This is especially true for those with sensitivity to psychoactive compounds, such as THC. Wedding Pie contains a rich bouquet of aromatic terpenes, including b-Caryophyllene and Linalool, both known for their anti-inflammatory benefits.

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