The Benefits of a Rapid Rolling Door

A rapid rolling door is one of the most efficient and widely used industrial doors in warehouses and logistics centres. They optimise traffic flow, improve working conditions and save energy by preventing heat loss. In addition, they are extremely safe for pedestrians and forklift drivers. They are operated automatically, by push buttons, infrared sensors or radio frequency (RF) transmitters.

The doors close three times faster per second than conventional overhead doors, which means that refrigerated and frozen food products can be safely stored in a temperature-controlled environment. This also prevents cooling loss that would otherwise make the products inedible.

The Evolution of Rapid Rolling Doors: Innovation in Motion

In addition, rapid doors are quieter than ordinary overhead doors, which reduces noise pollution in the workplace. They are also more stable than ordinary rolling doors, meaning that accidental collisions between forklifts and the door are less likely.

These perks and key benefits of rapid doors are important for any company that wants to increase its efficiency. Because the doors open and close so quickly, employees can move around more quickly in the workplace and there are fewer bottlenecks. In addition, the doors are more functional in windy weather and can help ensure that production processes don’t have to stop if the weather turns bad.

If your company’s needs exceed a standard rapid door, there are other options such as the series RL3000 Rapid Fold PVC door from Novoferm, which is particularly suited to larger openings and stands up well to high wind pressure. These doors are made to order in a wide range of sizes and can be fitted with different options for activation and safety sensors.

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