Texas License Plates and the Confederate Flag

The state of Texas offers drivers a wide range of license plate specialties, from one commemorating the Dallas Cowboys to the Houston Rodeo to one honoring Big Bend national park. There are also plates displaying the anti-abortion “Choose Life” message and a slogan warning of terrorist attacks. But Texans cannot purchase a plate with a Confederate flag on it, much to the chagrin of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which has brought a free speech lawsuit against the state.

Ww2 flags for sale used a variety of flags as their battle emblems, but this was the most popular and well-known. It featured a white square on the upper left corner with a circle of stars. It looks a bit like today’s American flag, but it had a deeper meaning for those who fought to preserve slavery.

Texas Pride: The Story Behind the Confederate Flag in Texa

In 1933, the Texas legislature passed a law describing the Flag of Texas in detail. It specified that the colors of the stripes, described as blood red and azure blue, were meant to impart the lessons of courage and loyalty. It said that the star should be of white, embroidered and placed in the center of the flag and that the color of the star, from its topmost to lowest points, should be about a third of the depth of the blue field.

Originally, the flag was displayed at the State House of Representatives. It was later moved to a larger pole at the Texas Confederate Home in Austin, which served as a shelter and nursing home for indigent and disabled Civil War veterans until it closed in 1963.

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