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Asphalt Company is a business that provides paving services to commercial and residential clients. Its website features information on its services, and customers can submit requests for estimates via the site. The company offers a variety of design options, and its specialists help clients select the best solutions for their needs. It also provides extended warranties on its work.

Finding a Reliable Asphalt Company

Paving contractors must be able to estimate how much material they will need for a job. This is because they must transport hot asphalt from a plant to the construction site within a very short window of time, depending on temperatures. This ensures that the asphalt is compacted while it is still hot enough to adhere properly to the roadbed.

The materials used to create asphalt are sourced from crude oil, which means that price fluctuations can affect the cost of the product. To reduce costs, asphalt manufacturers sometimes add recycled materials to their mixtures. These may include used frying oil, residue from corn stovers, or even treated pig manure. Recycled materials can also be used to enhance the performance of asphalt. For example, adding REOB to an asphalt mix will lower its high-temperature grade.

The process of laying asphalt starts with grading and excavating the road or area where paving is to be done. An experienced paving company will make sure that the ground is level and free of rocks, tree roots, or other obstructions. Once the land is ready, the paving contractor will spread the asphalt using specialized equipment. The layer is then compacted using heavy rollers, which eliminates voids and increases the density of the material. This prevents future pavement failures, such as rutting and cracking.

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