How to Find the Best Rehab for You

The cost of Best Rehab or alcohol addiction treatment may seem high, but the price of not treating substance abuse can be much higher. Substance abuse can lead to medical problems like liver failure, heart disease and even cancer, not to mention the loss of valuable relationships, job opportunities and quality of life.Learn more

Fortunately, the vast majority of rehabilitation centers accept health insurance, and many have programs designed to make their services more affordable for people without insurance. People with private health insurance can also use the healthcare marketplace and other options to find a program that works for them.

Many things determine how much rehab will cost, including length of stay, programs offered and amenities. In general, residential programs (where you live at the facility) will be more expensive than outpatient treatment. The number of days you stay at the facility will have a big impact on your total cost because it takes longer to get through the initial phases of rehab.

Beyond the Basics: What Sets the Best Rehabs Apart from the Rest

Other factors include whether the rehab offers holistic treatments like massages and spa-like care, state of the art services or amenities and whether you have dietary preferences (vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, low sodium and other dietary restrictions). A high treatment retention rate, accreditation, marks of excellence from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and positive alumni reviews are other important considerations when selecting a rehab.

If you are considering treatment, the best thing to do is contact a rehab directly and speak with an admissions counselor. They can help you understand what the total cost will be based on your level of care, whether or not it’s covered by insurance and what additional financial aid is available.

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