Features of IPQS Fraud Prevention Software

IPQS is one of the most comprehensive fraud prevention software out there, and IPQS IP address lookup offers a broad spectrum of tools to protect against all kinds of fraudulent activities. From phishing and malware attacks to account takeovers and fake credit card transactions, IPQS is trusted by major companies to keep their systems safe.

How do you measure fraud?

For example, IPQS can scan every user that visits a website and detect the devices they’re using. This information can be used to identify patterns of behavior that are commonly associated with fraudsters. The system can then block those devices and IP addresses from accessing the site in the future.

Another feature is IP geolocation lookup, which can reveal where a user is located in the world. This can be important for businesses that offer products or services in certain regions. For example, emergency response teams can dispatch services to a specific location based on the user’s IP address in case of a crisis.

Moreover, IPQS can also identify proxies and other malicious behavior signals. It has extensive blocklists that contain IP addresses, device IDs, and email addresses that have been associated with fraud in the past. This allows the system to automatically scan visitors and block them from committing any kind of fraud.

Another useful feature is the Fraud Score that gives an overview of how likely a given IP address or device is to engage in fraudulent activity. It’s based on the frequency of abuse verified across the IPQS threat network, including confirmed chargebacks, compromised devices, and fake app installs.

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