Beauty in 2022

From gender-neutral packaging to genderless beauty products, brands are making an effort to reflect inclusivity in their products. As a result, consumers are expecting more from their beauty brand partners than ever before. They want more information at the point of purchase, especially when it comes to ingredients and sustainability claims. WGSN’s 2022 Beauty Report suggests that beauty brands can meet consumer demands with agile channel mixes, and products that offer a more tailored experience. Find out

Celebrity culture has subverted traditional beauty scrips and stereotypes, with men rewriting the rules when it comes to grooming. From make-up tutorials driven by a diverse community of Gen Zers on TikTok, to ‘bald positivity’ movements tackling male hair loss stigma led by millennials on Instagram, beauty for men is evolving. In 2019, we will see this reflected in new hairstyles – such as the wolf cut, which has already hit 2 billion engagements on Instagram – and in men’s skincare formulas that address skin issues like acne and shaving irritation.

2022 Beauty Forecast: Trends, Tips, and Must-Haves

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all skin care. Amid a beauty market inundated with self-care tools that deliver salon and spa-level results, consumers are looking for personalised solutions that address their specific needs. This includes at-home laser hair removal treatments from brands like Silk’N, teeth whitening from Snow, LED light solutions from Theradome and even at-home tummy-slimming devices from Byte. In addition, more people than ever before are using cosmetic injections to enhance their features, with brow-shaping neuromodulators from DAXI and lipofilling from Dermal Fillers offering quick, easy results.

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